A Bathroom Renovation Checklist

June 15, 2017

If you are planning bathroom renovations, then it’s a good idea to have a checklist to mark off things to do and the sequence of events so you don’t forget anything; or, more importantly, neglect something that’s vital. Following is a checklist to help get you started. You may need to add to it as your bathroom ideas develop.

Work out what is wrong with your current bathroom design, including the fittings and fixtures, the style, the tiles, storage space, the layout, lighting and everything you can think of. Once you know what you don’t want, you will have a far better idea of what you DO want.

The next step really is to work out a budget. What can you afford to spend and is it possible to come up with the kind of bathroom you really want for your price bracket? You also need to factor in a bit of extra money for any unexpected expenses or things you haven’t yet thought of.

What are the essentials? What does your bathroom have to have? What can’t you do without? Knowing the exact items where there is no room for compromise allows you to not only work out your minimum expenditure, but also lets you see how much cash is left over for adding a few luxuries. Essential items might be things like a bathtub, shower cubicle and vanity unit. Maybe there is nowhere else to situate a separate toilet, so that will have to be included in the bathroom design as well.

Lighting is vital in all bathrooms. You want to be able to let in as much natural light during daylight hours and have the option of both bright light and more subtle ambient lighting at night time. There are chores carried out in the bathroom that require bright light, but at other times you may just want to relax in complete ambience and tranquillity.

Next you can decide on some optional luxuries; such as an over-sized bathtub, twin sinks in the vanity unit, more expensive and higher quality taps and spouts, perhaps even a rain shower for the shower head. Floor to ceiling tiles can look fantastic when done right, and installing a heater in the ceiling really makes for a cozy bathing space during the chilly months of winter.

What is the timeline for completion of the bathroom renovation project?

Will you be carrying out the work yourself, or calling in a team of experts to do the job from start to finish?

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