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We Provide Budget Bathroom Renovations in Brisbane

A cramped, dated (or constantly damp) bathroom is depressing and ruins the appeal of an otherwise beautiful home. We are proud to design and install stylish bathrooms for any size and budget, and we make sure our clients are part of the process at every step. If you want a bespoke, relaxing oasis that continues to delight for years to come, talk to a member of our Brisbane team today. In the meantime, take a look at the step by step process the team at Complete Bathroom Renovations Brisbane Northside follows to ensure you get the bathroom you really want.

Concept, Collaboration And Custom Design

We collaborate closely with our clients throughout the design process. A team member will visit your property and measure your existing bathroom with an eye to design limitations and possibilities. We appreciate that no two spaces are the same, so we take inspiration from a number of sources to deliver a custom bathroom design suited to your requirements – daily traffic, layout, lighting, storage and fixtures and fittings will be considered at the design stage. We encourage you to share your vision with us so we can make sure you get your perfect bathroom.

When we have completed your bathroom renovations Brisbane, we will estimate the cost of installation and arrange the necessary permits and planning to begin working on your bathroom renovation.

Bathroom Renovations - Brisbane - Complete Bathroom Renovations
Bathroom Renovations - Brisbane - Complete Bathroom Renovations

Permits And Planning

Complete Bathroom Renovations at northern suburbs Brisbane are licensed under the Queensland Building and Construction Commission so your new bathroom will be protected under QBCC’s home warranty insurance for more than six years after completion.

The team at Complete Bathroom Renovations Brisbane ensure compliance with local council regulations and Australian health and safety standards are met, and we can obtain building permits and arrange other paperwork as required.

Plumbing For The Future

Before beginning your bathroom renovation, we assess your current plumbing and either consolidate your existing system or redesign it to accommodate your new layout and water usage requirements. The team at Complete Bathroom Renovations are qualified to offer advice on water heating systems, including electricity and gas, and environmentally-friendly options such as heat pumps and solar power.

Brisbane Bathroom Waterproofing

Inadequate waterproofing is one of the most common problems in Australian bathrooms. Continuous damp causes mould and wood rot, and can attract termites. Significant structural damage caused by inadequate waterproofing may void your insurance.

Correct waterproofing requires expertise, experience, and industry know-how. The team at Complete Bathroom Renovations only uses S4858-2004 compliant membranes. Our rigorous waterproofing method ensures your floor and walls remain dry.

Installation And Finishes

All that is left is choosing the right bathroom vanity, tub or shower, and fixture, tiles, and paints. Too easy, right?

Don’t worry. We understand how daunting the myriad of choices can be. That’s why the Complete Bathroom Renovations team will guide you through tiles, taps and tubs, colour schemes, fixtures and floor coverings. We take the stress out of Brisbane bathroom renovations throughout the Brisbane northern suburbs so you can enjoy creating the space you have always wanted.

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