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August 8, 2016

Bathroom Trends 2016

As we head into 2016 design icons are anticipating some new and exciting trends. So let’s take a look at what’s hot in bathrooms this year.

Trough sinks

Elegance is in! Whilst the name indicates otherwise a tough sink will be featured heavily in bathroom renovation in 2016. The trough sink allows multiple people to use the sink at the same time without the need for a second sink in your vanity and adds a sophisticated and stylish look and feel.


Square shaped baths, accessories and fixtures are hot this year. The chunky block-like look is popping up in bathrooms across Australia, and will continue to grow in popularity throughout the year.

Cool colours

Interior designers anticipate that 2016 will see bathrooms steering towards light, clean colours such as light emerald greens and light blue tones on the walls of bathrooms, and a crisp white bathroom to complement the look.

Industrial Look

Add an edgy vibe to your bathroom with the industrial look that incorporates cool and gritty colours. Whilst the industrial look sounds cold and harsh, it can be a modern and clean look that stands out from the classic white bathroom.

Shower Room

The biggest prediction for 2016 is the growth of the open shower rooms. The open shower trend is fast becoming a must have in homes across Australia. The concept is to provide more of a shower room instead of a designated shower that is screened off. This gives an open and luxury spa feel to the bathroom. With the right set up and the addition of a small wall this look can even be achieved in a medium sized bathroom.

Functionally the open shower uses a downward water flow and the sloping tiles lead the water straight down the drain.

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