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How to Choose the Best Mirror for Your Bathroom

August 15, 2018

Mirrors come in a huge range of styles, shapes and sizes. You can have them framed or unframed, cropped, divided or full length. What you choose will depend on your individual taste and of course the overall design of your bathroom. If you’re having difficulty choosing a mirror, check out these tips from our bathroom renovation specialists.

Use the vanity and basin as a guide

If you’re struggling to decide on a mirror, it’s best to start with the design of your vanity and sink. Consider the size and shape of your vanity and decide which mirror your think will look best. If you have a compact or narrow vanity, then a small circular mirror may look best. If you have a wide bench style vanity, you may find a full-length mirror is more fitting.

Framed or unframed

As a rule, frames look better on small and medium style mirrors. If not done well, frames on larger mirrors can be overwhelming. If you are set on a large framed mirror opt for a lighter colour frame and avoid too much embellishment.

Consider multiple mirrors

Sometimes one large mirror panel can be too stark. If this is the case, then experiment with multiple mirrors of the same design. You can hang them side by side to give a sense of continuity, while still breaking up the mirror.

Make it functional

If you need additional space in your bathroom, consider turning your mirrors into cabinetry. For a super sleek look, you can create a void behind your wall and make these cabinets sit flush against the wall.

Incorporate texture

For something a bit different, try a wooden frame or a beaten metal frame. Try mixing up a few different sized mirrors for an eclectic, yet refined look. These can be matched with other bathroom accessories such as storage boxes or soap dispensers.

If you need help with bathroom renovations, then contact us at Complete Bathroom Renovations. We can help you with everything from choosing the right layout to choosing the right mirror. Servicing homes throughout North Brisbane, we are dedicated to functional and stylish bathroom designs.

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