How To Create A Relaxing Bathroom Oasis

March 5, 2017

The bathroom is one of the most intimate and private rooms in the home. It’s not merely a space for bathing and brushing your teeth. The bathroom can also be a sanctuary where you can get some alone time, unwind and let the stresses of the day filter from your body.

With the bathroom being such an important room, what are some ways you can make this sanctuary a relaxing oasis, where you truly can get away from it all?

While some ideas will require bathroom renovations, others can just be simple additions to set the tone and mood.

Visual Appeal

Before you even think of relaxing in the tub with your eyes closed, you first want to be greeted with a bathroom that looks inviting to spend time in. Some of this may require updating with a new bathroom design, such as a full bathroom renovation or partial renovation so it’s modern, clean and fresh. The addition of an extra roomy bathtub or spa bath is definitely one aspect than can help transform your bathroom into an oasis.

Fresh flowers changed every few days immediately gives the room a welcoming feel, as well as adding a splash of colour. Even your choice of towels and bath mats can really play a part in making your bathroom look plush and luxurious. Soft, fluffy bath mats give the illusion of stepping onto a soft cloud as you enter the tub, helping to add a subtle, yet magical and surreal feel to the room.


While you will need some bright lights in the bathroom for performing such tasks as applying make up and shaving, having some subtle mood lighting is what’s really going to make the room feel like a relaxing oasis. The addition of a soft lamp and some burning scented candles will definitely set the tone.


The aroma of scented candles is one way to permeate the space with a relaxing and alluring aroma. Another is the use of aromatherapy and the burning of scented oils. I would avoid incense as it can be too smoky in a confined space. The fresh flowers will also contribute to the potpourri of pleasant smells.


Meditation and relaxation music are perfect for this scenario. The more ambient and chilled out the music is, the better. Perhaps a part of your new bathroom design could include the installation of speakers in the ceiling or walls so the music can be channelled more naturally.

Call in the Experts

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