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Light Up Your Bathroom the Right Way

September 15, 2018

Lighting has a massive impact on the overall effect of a bathroom renovation. While bathrooms are still functional spaces, they are evolving into so much more. Bathrooms are morphing into havens to escape the day to day grind – a sanctuary of relaxation. A key aspect of bathroom design is lighting, as it can transform a space with the flick of a switch.

Natural lighting

Whatever your bathroom style, natural lighting is always a good idea. If you have a nice big window, ensure that your vanity is on an adjacent wall, so you can benefit from the light without it being too glary. If you have small or limited windows, then consider installing a skylight to really get the most out of your natural lighting.

Ambient lighting

Massively popular in modern bathrooms, ambient lighting is great way to make the space feel cosier. This type of lighting creates a soft glow from a pendant style fixture or a series of downlights. While this light is artificial, it has a very natural feel and is perfect for rooms with high ceilings. Highlight significant features of your bathroom such as your vanity or bathtub to create eye catching features.

Task lighting

Opposite to the softer glow of ambient lighting, task lighting offers more concentrated illumination. This is perfect for vanities to help with grooming and makeup application. Task lighting is most effective when it’s installed in a point above or beside your vanity mirror, reducing cast shadows and allowing you to view a clear reflection.

Low level lighting

To add a touch of sophistication, consider adding lighting beneath your vanity or along the bottom of your walls. Offering just enough lighting to see your way, this lighting is perfect for night time, when you need to use the bathroom, but don’t want to be blinded on the way there.

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