New Tile Trends For Bathrooms

March 15, 2017

Whether it be a new bathroom in a brand new home, or a bathroom rejuvenated through remodelling and a new bathroom design, bathrooms can truly be one of the most stylish and sophisticated rooms in the home. While many components go into making a bathroom look good and functional, there is one particular material that covers much of the bathroom floor and wall space and that’s the tiles.

What are the latest tile trends for Australian bathrooms, and what would look really great for your bathroom renovation?

Moroccan Style

2016 saw Moroccan-style tiling reach new heights in popularity in Australian bathrooms. Moroccan Tadelakt is a waterproof and seamless render. With no grout, the Moroccan render is less distracting to the eye and has a soft and luminous appearance. The look has been likened to that of the inside of a seashell.

White is Out and Patterns Are in

Bathrooms that are predominantly white have dominated the scene for some years now, mainly due to the fact that they look so neutral and clean. However, many people are opting for a more patterned look nowadays, especially with tiles. While white tiles can still dominate, they are now being broken up with tiles of darker contrasting colours.

Get Creative With Hexagonal Tiles

Yes, hexagonal tiles are set the be the next big thing in modern bathrooms in 2017.The unusual shape, the myriad of potential designs, the ability to create patterned mosaics in a variety of colours and you truly have a winning combination with this shape of tile. The possibilities are endless with hexagonal tiles, so let the creativity flow.

Large Format Tiling

Tiles are going to get bigger throughout the coming months and years with preferences trending towards tiles of a larger size. “Bigger is better” is the new thing when it comes to bathroom tiles, so if you are considering a new bathroom or bathroom renovation, why not check out the range of king size tiles that are on offer? Word is, the less grout the better. Just as that is the appeal of the Moroccan render, it’s the same for the larger format tile.

The layout Gets Abstract

While grid and brisk patterns for tiling will remain, homeowners and tilers are getting more adventurous and opting for different laying styles and patterns. Think diamond and herringbone patterns and that’s what you’ll see a lot more of now and in the near future.

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