Shower Head Styles – Which One Best Suits You

May 5, 2017

If you are thinking of undergoing a full bathroom renovation, or simply need to update that tired old shower head, then what are some of the options available in new shower heads today? What type of shower head style will suit you best?

Let’s find out.

A Few Things to Consider First

What are the goals of your new shower head?

  • Is it just for practicality?
  • Do your want it to look a million dollars?
  • Are you planning to conserve as much water as possible?
  • Do you desire luxurious showers with loads of running water?

All these are questions you need to know the answer to before you can decide on which shower head to buy; either as a replacement or for you new bathroom design.

The “No Frills” Model

This type of shower head is basic, cheaper and simply gets the job done. If you don’t care about all the bells and whistles and just want to be able to take a half decent shower, then there’s no need to go for a more luxurious and fancy model of shower head. In this case, keep it simple. These can either be wall mounted or attached to a hose.

The Rainfall Shower

Arguably the ultimate in showering luxury, this type of shower head is ceiling mounted and designed to allow the water to fall just like rain. These are beautiful showers with soft falling water. You swear you are literally showering out in the rain, only the water is warm and you are in the privacy of your bathroom.

The Therapeutic Type of Shower Head

This type of shower head can either be wall-mounted or attached to a hose. It has adjustable settings to regulate the water flow and the shape of the nozzle. Open it right up for an even, more gentle flow of water, or adjust it so the water comes out in a blast, giving the body an all over massage. There is also a setting that combines the two.

The Dual Purpose Shower Head

If you are struggling to decide whether you want the more conventional wall-mounted or hand-held shower head, or a rainfall shower, then you don’t have to make a choice. You can install both when you get your bathroom renovation.

Go High Tech

How about a computerised, LED shower head. This innovation is brilliant. It works as a ceiling-mounted rainfall shower that also comes with a lighting console. What this does is emit different hues of ambient light that plays through the water as you shower. Maybe a bit overkill for most people’s showering needs, but hey, if you have the budget for it, why not indulge yourself?

For more tips and advice on choosing the right shower head for you, chat with the friendly and helpful staff at Complete Bathroom Renovations in Kedron, Brisbane.

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