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Taking Care of Your Bathroom Tiles

September 15, 2017

Cleaning bathrooms can be tricky business. Cleaning the tiles are especially demanding. But, if you follow a few simple tricks, cleaning tiles will become much easier. Have no worries, because Complete Bathroom Renovations has come up with a list of tips and ticks for cleaning your bathroom tiles.

Pick your cleaner smartly

When it comes to tiles cleaning there are lots of cleaning agents to choose from. It’s important to choose the cleaner that goes with your type of tiles. Or, you could opt for a natural solution. A lot of people use vinegar or lemon solutions for their acidic properties.

While cleaning grout, go for grout cleaners. It’s generally a good idea to avoid sealants because the average sealant a homeowner can buy is not good quality. It’s better to get a professional to do it for you since he has access to industrial grade sealants.

Use safety gear

While using grout cleaner or other heavy cleaning agents, use safety gear. Put on your rubber gloves, your face masks and safety goggles. It’s not worth getting health problems over cleaning a bathroom.

Don’t be shy to scrub

Even though most cleaners by themselves will do the job of cleaning your bathroom, doing some extra scrubbing with an old toothbrush or a sponge will give your bathroom a better, shinier and cleaner look. This is especially effective when dealing with grime.

Dry properly 

After you’ve cleaned and washed your tiles, make sure to dry them off properly. This is very important since water often promotes bacterial growth and pest infestations.

Everything has an expiry date. So, sometimes, even after taking the utmost care of your bathroom tiles, they have to be replaced. If you ever find yourself in need of a new set of bathroom tiles installed, don’t hesitate to give Complete Bathroom Renovations a call.

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