Tips For Keeping Your Renovated Bathroom Looking Like New

April 5, 2017

You’ve recently had a bathroom renovation and the results are amazing. It gleams, smells fresh and clean and is a real pleasure to spend time in. No doubt you want to keep your bathroom looking that way for as long as possible. How do you do this? What are some simple tips for keeping your renovated bathroom looking like new?

Add a Layer of Protection

One area of the bathroom that can start to age really quickly through staining is the grout between the tiles, and also the tiles themselves. A simple and effective way to keep those tiles and grout looking new for much longer is to seal them so they are resistant to staining. Sealing the tiles will also make them much easier to clean.

There are also chrome coating liquids you can apply to the chrome taps and fittings to prevent a build up of soap scum and bathroom plaque. These coatings actually repel the water.

Be Careful With Your Choice of Cleaning Agents

Bleach is a great cleaning agent, but it’s also quite harsh. Bleach can cause damage to chrome tap fittings and make any plastic surfaces brittle over time. Not only that, colours can fade with the continuous use of bleach in bathrooms. Vanity units are definitely one item that can suffer from the effects of bleaching.

For the most part warm, soapy water will be effective enough to clean the majority of the bathroom; particularly if you have sealed the tiles. Chances are it will only be the bathtub, shower and inside the vanity sink itself that may require a little more vigorous cleaning. Eucalyptus oil and disinfectant added to warm water is often very effective in cleaning these areas of bathrooms without the need to resort to harsh chemicals.

Keep the Shower Dry

You will be amazed just how clean your shower stall will stay if you wipe the moisture off the glass after each shower with a squeegee, and mop up the water on the tiles with a microfibre cloth. It only takes a minute to do following each shower and saves loads of hard cleaning time overall. The microfibre cloth idea can also be applied to the bathtub and vanity unit as well. This one simple idea will go a long way towards keeping your bathrooms clean and new looking for much longer.

Get Rid of the Soap Bars

Liquid soaps and shower gels are so much cleaner and tidier to use. No more ugly build up of soap scum, or bits of broken soap littering the shower floor. Pump packs are the best and most convenient for both hand washing and in the shower. Really is a far neater option.

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