Tips for Making Your Small Bathroom Appear Bigger

July 5, 2017

Small bathrooms can really feel claustrophobic and can also be difficult to navigate. Maybe you can’t change the size of the room, but here we’ll be offering some tips to both make your bathroom space appear bigger and actually feel a little roomier as well.

The Magic of Mirrors

We are all very aware that mirrors can help to make a small space seem larger. A simple solution to making small bathrooms appear bigger is to install as big a mirror as you can possibly fit in your bathroom space. How big the mirror can be will be determined by the amount of available room, but the bigger the better.

A tiny mirror hanging on the wall within a small bathroom only serves to make the entire room look even smaller still. You will also find you really enjoy the extra reflection area you get with a much larger mirror, making the small bathroom experience more tolerable.

Reduce Clutter

The more clutter there is lying about your tiny bathroom, the more congested it’s going to look and feel. Go through everything that’s currently clogging up the bathroom and decide which items really need to be in there and get rid of the stuff that doesn’t belong.

Working out some ideas to make more efficient use of your available space for storing items will also help to reduce the clutter factor and free up some valuable room. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to perform a task in the bathroom and not be able to move without bumping into something or knocking something over.

Add Light Colours

Dark colours tend to give off a closed in vibe while lighter, brighter colours offer the illusion of more space. A quick fix would be to do a repaint with white or a light beige to brighten the whole room up and make it look more light and airy.  Another thing you can do is make sure the accessories such as bath towels and mats are light and bright colours, perhaps even white. Anything that lightens up the room will help make it seem larger.


Installing a larger window not only allows in more natural light and fresh air, but is can also help reduce that closed in sensation.

Small Bathroom Renovations

The best overall fix for a tiny bathroom is to call in remodelling professionals who are experts at small bathroom renovations. At Complete Bathroom Renovations in Brisbane, we can help you plan a brand new bathroom that makes the absolute most of the space available. Give us a call today to discuss your needs so you can enjoy your bathroom again.

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