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Tips on Painting Your Bathroom

October 15, 2018

Thinking about painting your bathroom? Here are some handy tips from our bathroom renovation specialists:

1. Choose the right paint

Don’t start the job without a quality paint that’s right for the job. Before you start, choose an oil-based, semi-gloss finish that is both mould and mildew resistant.

2. Cover your fittings

There’s nothing worse than dripping paint over your fittings and fixtures. Cover up taps, shower heads, switches and extractor fans. Don’t forget to place drop sheets over the floor, vanity, basin and bathtub.

3. Prepare your surface

Bathroom are prone to mould, mildew and dust. Before you start wash your ceilings and walls down with a bleach solution. Next, sand down all your plaster walls and ceiling for a smooth clean surface. Make sure you dust off and wipe down all your surfaces.

4. Apply painters tape

For the cleanest finish, apply painter’s tape along the edges of any walls or floor tile. This will stop paint getting on them and will keep your lines nice and neat.

5. Cut in

Using a specialised paint brush called a cutting brush, paint all your edges and corners. This will ensure you don’t miss those hard-to-reach places.

6. Apply undercoat

Paint both the ceilings and walls with a good quality undercoat. Use a roller for good coverage over large areas. Try to keep the flat surface of the roller on the wall side when rolling, so the metal bracket doesn’t damage your wall.

7. Apply topcoats

The final step in the process. Apply your topcoats the same way you applied the undercoat (cutting in first and then rolling wide areas second). Once the first topcoat layer is dried completely, you can start the next. Two coats are generally enough, but if not, give it another.
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