Tips To Modernising A Bathroom

February 5, 2017

There is little doubt that bathrooms are one of the main rooms in the home that can really start to look dated. They suffer a lot of wear and tear as well as constantly enduring humid and damp conditions. Before long tiles and grout can be stained, shower screens pitted and grimy, and bathtubs looking anything but inviting.

A bathroom renovation is the obvious answer, but before you go down that route, what are some tips for modernising a bathroom and breathing new life back into this private and intimate space?

First, Work Out a Budget

Before you can really plan how you are going to modernise your bathroom, you will need to work out roughly how much money you can spend on bathroom ideas and a new bathroom design. There’s no point coming up with all manner of fantastic ideas, only to discover you can’t afford to do half of them. So first, get an idea of your budget so you have a financial framework within which to work out your bathroom renovation costs.

Update the Lighting

It may sound like a minor point, but old bathrooms are often fitted with very out-of-vogue light fittings, and possibly even the light switches as well. Lighting is everything, no matter what room in the home it is. Modern and updated lighting – possibly even with the inclusion of a heater – goes a long way in creating a brand new look.

Bathroom Vanities

The bathroom vanity probably dates more quickly than anything else in the bathroom. Plus, the vanity unit will often endure much abuse and water damage over time. The type of vanity you choose to go with will depend on your own personal tastes, as well as your budget and how much space you have available. However, there are so many different designs, styles and colours to choose from that you are bound to find a bathroom vanity to really suit your purpose.

Change Out the Tiles

Even if the budget is tight, this is one aspect you won’t want to overlook. Tiles, and especially the grout, can really start to look grimy over time. Grout stains become impossible to remove even with the toughest bleaches and detergents. Whether your current tiles still look modern or dated, fresh new tiles and grout are sure to make your bathroom space gleam like new.

Do a Repaint

Even if you do little else, sometimes a fresh coat of paint can work wonders, brightening up your bathroom and giving it a nice fresh feel again.

Other Tips at a Glance

  • Change the shower curtain. Old and mouldy shower curtains look gross.
  • Update the taps and fittings in the vanity, the shower and/or bath.
  • Add fresh flowers regularly
  • Get creative with extra storage ideas for towels, toilet rolls, soaps etc..
  • Keep it clutter-free as much as possible.

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